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Hidden Cash goes international: Jason Buzi tweets next free money location

California real estate investor Jason Buzi, known as Hidden Cash on Twitter, tweeted the next location of his now-famous cash-filled envelopes. The cash drop will now go international, with Buzi taking the great treasure hunt out of the U.S. on Saturday, June 21, 2014.

Hidden Cash heads to London
@HiddenCash Twitter

On Tuesday, Buzi tweeted, "London here we come. Might add more UK cities too" to his more than 613,000 followers on Twitter. Over the last few weeks Buzi has hidden cash in San Francisco, New York, Chicago, Las Vegas and Houston.

The hidden cash began several weeks ago in California, with people finding envelopes containing upwards of $100 in San Francisco. CNN reports that money was also hidden in Angry Birds orbs in Hermosa Beach, Calif. The hunt continued when Buzi announced that there were more locations to find money, including New York's Central Park, Prospect Park in Brooklyn and locations in Chicago, Vegas and Houston.

Buzi went public shortly after the hidden cash announcements on Twitter went viral a few weeks ago. In an interview with CNN, he came forward to say that he was the person hiding the money and announcing it on Twitter under his user name @HiddenCash.

His bio on Twitter reads, "An anonymous social experience for good. Real Cash hidden around SF & beyond. Find the $ - share tweetphoto + tag @hiddencash."

His generous cash drops have captured the attention of many who are hoping to find an envelope with money in it. Those who locate the envelopes are asked to tweet a photo to @HiddenCash. Buzi then retweets the photos of those who happily found a little cash. Most envelopes include $50 or $100, with some treasure hunters also finding a silver-dollar inside.

Follow @HiddenCash on Twitter to see photos of those who found money and to find out the next cash drop location.

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