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HGTV under fire for discriminating against conservative Christian hosts

HGTV faces backlash from viewers after discriminating against conservative Christians.
HGTV faces backlash from viewers after discriminating against conservative Christians.
Brandon Robbins/Getty Images

As we reported Wednesday, HGTV announced it would not go forward with "Flip it Forward," a program hosted by twin brothers David and Jason Benham. The network made the decision after a left wing site published an article revealing the two men are active Christians who do not support the gay agenda. Liberals celebrated the decision, but a number of others saw it as discrimination, and let the network know in no uncertain terms, with many calling for a boycott of the network.

"Shame on you for ending a show just because of the stars religious beliefs," one person posted on HGTV's Facebook page. "If they had been Muslim, would you have discriminated so much? I'm sure they weren't going to get on the show preaching, so why cancel the show? What happened to freedom of religion in this country."

"Used to like your network, but your continued discrimination against Christians has made me skip your shows now," another person said. "You guys are blowing it and will be losing more and more viewers. Hope you see the light soon."

"HGTV only wants gays to watch their channel, Christians not welcome!" added another angry viewer.

The network also took a pounding on Twitter, as many people expressed anger that Christians could have a show canceled because they do not support the radical gay agenda.

"This is what tolerance looks like for tyrannical liberals," one person tweeted.

"PC bullies," another person added.

A number of people on both Facebook and Twitter said they would no longer watch the network, citing what they called intolerance and anti-Christian bigotry. Liberals, however, supported the network's move, since the modern politically-correct environment views intolerance of conservative Christian views as "tolerant."

So, what's wrong with having strong Christian beliefs and living one's life by them? What's wrong with opposing abortion and the gay agenda? As Global Flare pointed out, a lot, as such views are not tolerated by those who profess to embrace "tolerance." Today, "tolerant" means one must accept whatever liberals support without question and march in lockstep with the homosexual movement. Prayer and opposition to anything liberal is strictly forbidden, especially if one wants to host a program on networks like HGTV.

"You may think/say anything you want in long as it is in line with the WH or Hollywood," one person tweeted, accurately summing up the state of "free speech" in modern America.

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