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Hepatitis B vaccine has been ruled to cause chronic fatigue syndrome

The vaccine known as hepatitis B has been ruled by a United States Court of Federal Claims that “a dose of the hepatitis B vaccination caused [a patient] to develop chronic fatigue syndrome.” The patient according to a health report from The Refusers on July 9 reveal that the judgment for this case awarded an annuity which is required to pay lifetime medical care expenses on top of the $1.1 million cash award for medical expenses.

Hepatitis B vaccination

Hepatitis B was originally known as “serum hepatitis” and is an infectious and inflammatory viral illness that affects the liver. This virus causes severe inflammation to the liver, jaundice, vomiting and sometimes death. It is transmitted when one is exposed to blood and bodily fluids that are infectious Fluids include those found in the vagina or in semen as well as urine, tears and saliva.

After the court ruled their final judgment on this vaccine and decided on the settlement from this case Merck has rewritten the insert in the Merck VARIVAX hepatitis B vaccine package insert to include all adverse reactions which will also include chronic fatigue syndrome.

Some of the other adverse affects of the hepatitis B vaccination also include multiple sclerosis (MS), lupus, arthritis, encephalitis (brain swelling and convulsions), seizures, diabetes, dysfunction to the immune system, Bell’s palsy, impairments to both sight and hearing just to name a few.

For more information on the hepatitis B vaccine you can read through the Congressional Testimony that was published on in May of 2012.

The hepatitis B vaccine has many unhealthy side effects that are harmful to ones’ health and well being. Before willingly accepting this or any vaccine all the warning side effects and adverse reactions should not only be read but understood. If you feel strongly against this vaccination it is your right to refuse it being administered.

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