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'Hello, it's Paul McCartney'; DJ gets surprise call

Paul McCartney
Paul McCartney
MPL Communications Ltd.

Los Angeles radio station KCSN-FM disc jockey Sky Daniels got a surprise phone call March 6 from none other than Paul McCartney, All Access and reported March 7. The call from McCartney came after he learned from friends in the area that the station had been playing his NEW album. According to Billboard, he then asked his record label Concord Music how he could get in touch with Daniels.

The call turned into an interview that lasted an hour. McCartney talked about his recent Grammy Award wins, his work on the soundtrack for a new animated film, and his appreciation for his band.

“Paul’s call was so thoughtful, I found myself fighting back tears”, Daniels told All Access. “He told us of how his friends all loved the station, and they told him that KCSN was playing a number of songs from NEW and he simply wanted to say thanks.”

McCartney was reportedly in Los Angeles shooting a video for “Early Days” from his NEW album. KCSN-FM is a listener-supported, commercial-free station out of the University of California, Northridge.