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Hell house in Gary, Indiana

If you have ever experienced any type of paranormal activity you know how scary at the time it can be. What if you or your children were being possessed or experiencing some scary activity? What would you do?

Do evil spirits still reside here?

Latoya Ammons and her three children moved to Gary, IN in 2011. The family claims that they have never experienced anything paranormal until they moved into the house in Gary. The family has claimed to have been possessed by evil spirits.

In December 2011, large black flies would swarm their back porch door screen even though it was cold outside. Latoya claimed that she killed the flies, but they kept returning. Other claims of odd happenings include hearing someone walk up the stairs of the basement and the door opening between the basement and the kitchen. Rosa Campbell (Latoya's Mom) claimed to have seen someone walking through her house, but there wasn't anyone there. Just wet footprints where she had seen the person walking. On March 10, 2012 around 2 a.m. Latoya's 12 year old daughter was found levitating above her bed and when she fell back onto the bed she had no memory of what had happened.

The family had reached out to churches in their area and psychics for advice on what could be done. Clairvoyants made claims that there were more than 200 demons inside the house. The family could not afford to move, so she built an altar in the basement. They burned sage and recited Psalm 91 out loud. The house remained quiet for about three days after that. Then things got worse. Ammons and her three children, ages 7, 9, and 12 have all been possessed. For example, hearing voices, talking to people who are not there, voice deepening, eyes bulging, and being thrown across a room.

Not left with much choice Ammons took her children to a doctor in hopes he would understand. While there, the two boys chanted curses at the doctor in demonic voices and one was thrown into a wall. Someone from the office called 911 and multiple police officers and ambulances showed up. A hospital nurse, a Psychiatrist, and a social worker all saw one of the young boys walk backwards up a wall. When all was said and done, the boy did not remember doing this.

The Gary police had been involved. Many of the officers took photos of the house. In the photos there were images of shadowy people. One of the officers had even heard a voice speaking when he replayed the video he took of the house.

In April 2012 the family was visited and interviewed by Rev. Maginot. The Rev. claimed to have seen wet footprints appear in the living room and Latoya claimed to have a headache. When the Rev. put his crucifix on her head she started to convulse. The interview lasted about four hours in which Rev. Maginot determined that this family was in fact being tormented by demons.

Rev. Maginot ended up preforming three major exorcisms on Latoya. Two done in English and one done in Latin. Latoya and her Mother moved back to Indianapolis and have not had any problems since.

The landlord of the house in Gary, IN says that there were no complaints before the Ammons' family moved in and there have been none since they moved out. Follow this link if you would like to read an in depth article complete with some police reports.

I know that these types of issues will split a community in a matter of minutes. Some either believe or they don't believe. All i can say is have an open mind when it comes to the paranormal or supernatural. Be sympathetic and put yourself in the situation of that person. What would you do?

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