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Heartbreaking cruelty and neglect: Five year old Maltese rescued in NY UPDATE

The owner of this dog should be arrested for animal cruelty. Poor Candy was found in Brooklyn as a stray.
The owner of this dog should be arrested for animal cruelty. Poor Candy was found in Brooklyn as a stray.
Urgent Dogs of New York City/ NYC AC&C

UPDATE: Candy has been rescued, and the mass on her face has been removed. Please click onto the National Pet Rescuer Examiner's Facebook page and check out the miraculous change to this adorable little pooch. Thank you everyone for helping.

A female Maltese estimated to be no more than five years old has been an innocent victim of extreme neglect. Who could leave any animal in such egregious condition - no less a pedigreed pooch who still wags her tail despite the inhumane treatment she has endured?

Poor Candy (A1006272) was brought into the Brooklyn's shelter of New York City Animal Care and Control on July 11. Her "exit date" was listed for July 14 where she surely would have been euthanized because of her condition. Fortunately, her wonderful disposition helped her to get noticed:

"Medical Behavior Evaluation GREEN
Medical Summary Scan negative Female;~ 5 years old Friendly; allows all handling Large hanging mass on right side of face Severely matted Gingivitis Tartar build up AMBx4 BARH NOSF
Weight 11.4"

When Candy's photo appeared on Facebook, animal lovers were shocked to see such horrendous neglect. Candy's once white silky coat was so matted she could hardly move; the tumor on her face grossly affecting how she could eat.

Follow Candy's Facebook thread as nearly 3,000 people "shared" her desperate plight.

Second Chance Rescue NYC Dogs have stepped up to rescue Candy. The organization is asking everyone to honor their pledges for Candy's veterinarian care by clicking here.

On Sunday, Candy's condition was updated via the organization's Facebook page:

"CANDY is safe at our vet this afternoon. She has been shaved and over one pound of matted fur was removed. She will be on an IV for the rest of the weekend and have that monster mass removed Monday morning. The vet says she has a hard time keeping her head up as it is so large. We are heartbroken for this sweet girl who remains wiggly and happy, despite her condition, but we are thrilled she's getting a "2nd chance" and she will be a new dog by late Monday. The mass will have to be sent out for a biopsy, so please pray for candy to have a long & happy future!"

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