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HBO to air 'Women in Space' a comedy about female space colonists

Earth and moon
Earth and moon

According to an April 1, 2015 story in Deadline Hollywood, Jay Roach, the producer of two politically based movies on HBO, Recount and Game Change, has teamed up with Kristin Gore, the daughter of former Vice President Al Gore, to create a half hour sitcom for the pay cable network called Women in Space which will be about a group of female astronauts en route to colonize another planet.

While the idea of a TV comedy about space colonies is an interesting one, there seems to be one plot hole already if the premise described is accurate. How does one create a proper space colony without both genders to conceive and give birth to children? Without some futuristic version of reproduction, such as cloning, the future space colony would have a rather short existence.

Still it may be too early to judge the show before it is even written, despite the involvement of Roach whose two HBO movies were political hit pieces disguised as drama. Recount and Game Change contained what many considered misogynistic depictions of conservative women – Katherine Harris in the first movie and Sarah Palin in the second. Given that track record, it will be interesting how a comedy will depict women astronauts.