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Hawaii terror suspect: FBI hunts America's most wanted US terrorist in Hawaii

Hawaii terror suspect: FBI hunts America's most wanted US terrorist in Hawaii
Yahoo News

In Hawaii, terror suspect Daniel Andreas San Diego is being hunted by the FBI. The Hawaii terror suspect is America’s most wanted domestic terrorist and a reward of $250,000 has been offered for any information leading to his arrest, reported The Seattle Times on March 12, 2014.

The hunt for Diego is focusing on the big island of Hawaii after the FBI received credible intelligence that the terrorist might be hiding there. Of special interest is the eastern district of Puna in the town of Pahoa, which is known as being a diverse town.

The Hawaii terror suspect is wanted for extreme rights animal activism including the explosion of pipe bombs in front of two San Francisco Bay Area companies that were associated with conducting animal experiments. No injuries occurred during the bombing and there was minor damage to the buildings.

Diego, who was raised in an upper-middle class suburb of Marin County north of San Francisco, was the subject of an international search in previous years. Authorities in Germany, the United Kingdom, Costa Rica, France, Spain, Denmark, Austria, Italy, the Czech Republic, Mexico, Argentina, the Philippines and Chile had been notified that the 36-year-old alleged animal rights extremist is on the FBI’s most wanted list.

Hawaii’s terror suspect hunt by the FBI has put the town of Pahoa at unease with FBI agents interviewing local residents and business owners. Diego apparently would fit in with the diverse residents of Puna because he is vegan, is looking for extreme-oriented animal rights activists, and has unusual tattoos. According to the FBI description, Diego’s tattoos include a round image of burning hillsides on his chest with the words "It only takes a spark" written below, and the sides of his abdomen and back have images of burning and collapsing buildings.