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Haunted places in San Francisco: The Orchard Supply Store

Orchard Supply Hardware store in Daly City is one of the Bay area's most haunted places.
Orchard Supply Hardware store in Daly City is one of the Bay area's most haunted places.

To get to South San Francisco you have to take 101 heading south. Once you pass the suburbs of Daly City, on Gellert Boulevard is Orchard Supply Hardware, and also one of the most haunted places in the San Francisco bay area. Here you can get whatever you need for that do-it-yourself project, haunted house and holiday decorating you have been putting off for so long, or you can see the ghost of a girl who was raped and murdered one year before it became O.S.H.

Employees have seen a figure walking and report hearing footsteps that seem to be the sound of high heels (no one wears high heels). Others also report screaming and laughing, as well as boxes moving. She likes to blow in men's ears and girls with long hair often feel a slight tug. One report of a worker that had just shrink-wrapped a pallet -- the power went out and there is a 5-second delay for the generator to kick on. In that 5 seconds, something completely unwrapped the pallet.

Who this girl is remains a mystery, but the even when Orchard Supply Hardware is empty, someone remains.

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