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Hartford gun rights rally draws thousands

Thousands of gun owners, many lawfully armed, rallied at the State Capitol in Hartford on Saturday to protest gun laws enacted in Connecticut. Organized by the Connecticut Citizens Defense League, the rally served to introduce activists to legal measures being taken in the courts to repeal those edicts, to promote support for politicians pledging to support the right to keep and bear arms, and to give fed up gun owners a public forum to voice their defiance of orders to surrender their firearms.

Enthusiastic flag-waving naturalized citizen showed speaker and crowd that freedom is joyous.
© 2014 J. Codrea. All rights reserved. Used with permission.

This correspondent was invited to be keynote speaker, and part one of that speech is embedded in the video player, above. Due to the length of the entire speech, just over 28 minutes, part two is posted on YouTube.

Also posted on You Tube are speeches from all the other speakers invited to address the rally, recorded by Palin Smith. Those who could not attend the event in person can watch the speeches at their leisure as time permits, and share the events of the day with other gun rights activists.

UPDATE LINKS: The speech references a photo taken with the late Otis McDonald and a Sunday appearance on Armed American Radio. Also, a significant portion of it was modified from this GUNS Magazine article.


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