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Happy thoughts

Are you living a mundane life? If so, how are you making it through each day? When we do not have joy in our hearts, each moment, we only exist; the effort is just to get by instead of living passionately. Are you to stressed to think happy? If so, this thought pattern causes your mind to sabotage your health; it has you running in circles and feeling down.

Moments of bliss lift the spirit and gift relief. Look for and embrace these moments.
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I’ve written many times about the power of positive thinking, but did you know when you think happy thoughts, natural chemicals are released in the brain, and this gifts a physical boost to your body? The reverse affect takes place when you are thinking negatively; whether you act on the thought or not, your brain responds physically and your body manifests unhealthy feelings.

According to Bruce Davis, PH.D we have approximately 50,000 to 70,000 thoughts per day. Think about this for a moment. If your thoughts are primarily negative (stressed and anxious), you are putting your body through a rigorous, unhealthy process daily.

Pilar Gerasimo explains, “Science is now showing us with increasing clarity that our feelings and thoughts can help make us sick (or well)… research scientists have now been able to demonstrate how thoughts and emotions cause distinct neuron-firing patterns within various parts of the brain. They can also observe how these patterns coincide with chemical releases and reactions throughout the body. It turns out that biochemical reactions to mental and emotional stimuli – your everyday thoughts and feelings – occur not just in the brain but also, often simultaneously, in virtually every system of your body. We also now know that the brain and nerves, and the immune, endocrine and digestive systems (historically treated as totally distinct areas of medical specialty) are in fact capable of releasing and receiving many of the same peptides. Thus, all these systems are inextricably linked in a sort of secondary, chemically based nervous system, one that is intimately connected with (but not exclusively controlled by) the electrically based central nervous system with which most people are more familiar… the mind-body connection is real, powerful and – if you care about safeguarding and maximizing your health – definitely worth knowing about.”

The power of your mind and how your body responds (with your feelings) is essential to understand. Why? Because when you realize this, you can make positive changes that result in you feeling better! Make this a priority and you'll find you will accomplish much more in your life and you'll feel happier because of it.

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