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Hands on 'Organic Panic'

We caught up with the indie video game studio Last Limb for a first hand preview of their upcoming physics based platformer Organic Panic. In this title you'll lead a "quirky band of fruit and vegetables against a legion of heavily armed meat and cheese." Yes, you read that correctly: The deliciously evil meats and cheeses have taken over.

Organic Panic screenshots
Organic Panic screenshots
Last Limb
Organic Panic logo
Last Limb

At its core, you'll need to use the special powers of each fruit, vegetable, and nut to make your way through fully destructible maps. Manipulating the environment is critical to your success. Think "Worms meets Little Big Planet," except on steroids. Words really don't adequately explain the gameplay though, your best bet is to check out the attached trailer.

"Cherry" controls the earth, and can shoot whatever he's stand on. If you're touching dirt, you'll shoot dirt. Likewise for other elements such as metal. After a few stages with Cherry we're introduced to "Kiwi," who controls water. Kiwi can fill up spaces with liquid to incapacitate enemies and swim your way to safety or reach a higher point. The other two characters are "Carrot" who controls fire, and "Coconut" who controls gravity.

What makes Organic Panic stand apart from the crowd of other platformers is the physics engine. Most of the fun we had in Organic Panic was seeing how much of each stage we could destroy without dying. After using Kiwi to fill up half the screen with water and then using Cherry to break a hole in a wall your character will get swept across the stage as if caught up in a tsunami. As parts of the stages are destroyed things get more chaotic, such as when spinning saws which were attached to walls come loose and fly after you.

After playing a few the the game's early stages we skipped ahead to much harder levels which test your puzzle solving skills and are much trickier. For instance we had to melt ice with Carrot and then switch back and forth between other characters to overcome other obstacles. Because the game uses actual physics, there's sometimes multiple ways of beating each level.

Organic Panic features several game modes, including co-op and versus though we only had our hands on the single player demo. Even after you've managed to master all the game's levels you're able to create, upload, and download new stages thanks to the game's level editor. The stages you create with the level editor can be rated by other users, and rise or fall in the leader boards. One interesting thing to note is that all of the game's maps were created with the in-game level editor.

With its funky characters, vibrantly colored stages, and some awesome devastation to reap, we're looking forward to playing Organic Panic for an extended period of time and you should be too.

Organic Panic is currently Greenlit on Steam here. For more information about the game you can visit

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