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Hamer Guitars cease production indefinately

Hamer Guitars will end production according to a statement issued yesterday by the brand's owner, Fender Musical Instrument Corporation. As the press release states, "Fender Musical Instruments Corp/KMCMusicorp is suspending production of Hamer instruments to focus our efforts on other brands within the company’s portfolio, and to continue to address musicians’ needs by designing and building the highest quality, most sought-after instruments in the world."

Fender had recently withdrew an IPO, citing market conditions and uncertainty in Europe as the reason. This move may have been unexpected, but it should come as no surprise that the company would choose to scale back some redundancy in their holdings, having competition from their own solid body guitar lines such as Fender, Jackson/Charvel, Gretsch and, should the company decide to revive them, Guild electrics.

Hamer was purchased by Kaman, the company known for the Ovation line of guitars as well as distribution of Takamine and a huge accessory business, in 1988. Collectively acquired by Fender in 2007, Hamer Guitars continued regular production up until early 2012 when the line switched to be made-to-order only.

Producing quality instruments and unique custom builds, in its heyday the Hamer brand was known for a signature Steve Stevens model at the height of Billy Idol's popularity, being seen on stage with Def Leppard, and many unique guitars and basses used by Cheap Trick throughout their career.


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