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Halo: Box Art Evolved - A look back at previous Halo game cover art

Microsoft revealed the official box art for Halo 4 on Monday and it immediately got us thinking about the box art for all the previous games in the series including the spin-offs. Let's have some fun by looking back at how the art for the series has evolved over the last decade.

The first Halo game (2001) for the Xbox had box art that was full of color and action.
Microsoft, Bungie
This is just a portion of the official Halo 4 box art. Check out how the series has evolved over the last decade.
Microsoft, 343 Industries

There have been no less than six different Halo games across two different platforms in the last ten years with the first released a second time. Half of those games were spin-offs from the main numbered storyline starring Master Chief which Microsoft began pumping out after the release of Halo 3 in 2007. It seemed that the venerable Spartan was getting a break while other areas of the universe were explored. That is until E3 2011 when he was woken by Cortana and his return was boldly announced during a Microsoft press conference.

You can check out the evolution of the box art for all seven Halo games in our slideshow gallery.

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