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‘Halo 5’ publisher reflects on Xbox One DRM controversy

'Halo 5'
'Halo 5'
Microsoft Studios

Phil Spencer has reflected on the DRM controversy surrounding Microsoft Studios, the publisher of the upcoming tentatively-titled “Halo 5.” According to a report from The Escapist Magazine on April 8, the new head of the Xbox brand admitted that he was personally hurt by what occurred in the past.

Microsoft Studios originally intended to add digital right management practices for all Xbox One games. As a result, players would have to sign in to Xbox Live over a period time in order to authenticate the purchase. After a huge backlash from the gaming community, the company decided to drop all of the initial DRM features.

Phil Spencer stated that they could have done a better job at communicating some of the benefits of using online authentication, while defending that his company built “Xbox for the right reasons.” You can take a look at his full statement regarding the situation below:

I believe in why this company builds products. It's one of the reasons why the whole thing around last summer with Xbox kind of hurt me personally so much...Because I know we build Xbox for the right reasons. We didn't completely communicate it the right way; some of the decisions maybe didn't land or weren't the right decisions and we changed some of those. But this is a company that has the resources to really do things that change the world.

Due to several missteps, the Xbox One is currently lagging behind the competing PS4 next-generation system from a sales perspective. However, the company does have several major plans coming up, especially for E3 2014.

According to IGN, Microsoft will be making several announcements related to the “Halo” brand. Several reported leaks suggested that one of the reveals will be a remastered port of the official Xbox video game, “Halo 2.”

“Halo 5” is an exclusive release for the Xbox One although a release date has not yet been revealed by the publisher. The voice actor of Master Chief may have let slipped that the fifth main installment of the series won’t be arriving until sometime next year. However, an alleged insider mentioned that a multiplayer beta for “Halo 5” may be included in the Xbox One version of “Halo 2.” The new console officially launched in North America on Nov. 22 last year, selling more than 3 million units as of the end of 2013.

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