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Halo 4 title update released with exploit and gameplay fixes; Updated with fixes

Halo 4 gets a title update with fixes for Haven and more.
Halo 4 gets a title update with fixes for Haven and more.
343 Industries, Microsoft Game Studios

343 Industries released a title update to Halo 4 on the Xbox 360 Thursday with various exploit and gameplay fixes.

The exact details of the Halo 4 title update have not been released yet as 343 Industries wanted to wait until after the update was released. Community manager Jessica Shea did say, "this particular TU tackles actual game and gameplay issues, not sandbox tweaks and balances. We have another TU in the works and will continue working on the timing and content of the next one."

The title update moves Halo 4 to version 1.02 and is an approximately 30MB download.

Halo 4 players have already confirmed a number of fixes on Reddit and the Halo Waypoint forums though. These include the following.

  • Haven has been fixed. Weapons are no longer in the floor.
  • Endgame killcams added in some gametypes but reportedly don't work correctly
  • Game is reportedly smoother.
  • An issue with DLC only working on one profile has now been fixed.
  • Trying to launch ‘Halo Waypoint’ from Halo 4′s menus no longer crashes your console.
  • It is now possible to get the ‘Last Strike’ medal in Matchmaking.

We'll add the full list of fixes when 343 Industries releases them.

Here are some issues that were not fixed with this title update.

  • Theater is still broken
  • Super Throw Glitch still works

Update: Here is the complete title update change list from 343 Industries.

  • Implemented general stability improvements
  • Fixed glitch where quickly reloading after firing the Boltshot resulted in an instant reload
  • Fixed glitch where sprinting prior to activating the Hardlight Shield allowed players to move faster
  • Fixed glitch were players could throw a grenade and then immediately sprint afterwards to perform a high velocity grenade
  • Fixed glitch where Mantis could fire more rockets without reloading if the machine gun was fired partway through unleashing the charged missile barrage
  • Fixed issue where DLC was unavailable for other profiles on the same console
  • Fixed issue where DLC disappeared after console reboot
  • Fixed issue where players could not unlock Campaign completion achievements when using a rally point other than Alpha for any mission to finish the Campaign
  • Fixed issue where players were not given credit for completion of a Spartan Ops Episode Difficulty Challenge when completing it through Matchmaking
  • Fixed issue where players with 99 or more Xbox LIVE friends could not get File recommendations
  • Fixed issue where loadout configurations were lost if the game was booted and then powered off before passing the “Press START” screen
  • Fixed issue where attempting to upload large films to the File Share under poor network conditions caused the upload to fail
  • Improved time to load variants with separate profiles
  • Fixed issue where moving a profile from one controller port to another after relaunching the game reset loadout settings
  • Improved consistency of random ordnance navigation marker display
  • Fixed performance issues when launching Halo Waypoint from Halo 4

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