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'Halo 4' Spartan Ops Episode 7 screens show the invasion of the UNSC Infinity

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Episode 7 of "Halo 4" Spartan Ops is coming next week to the Xbox 360 and promises a dramatic turn in the action as the UNSC Infinity is invaded by the Forerunner and Covenant. 343 Industries released a new set of screenshots Saturday showing off what inside of the massive ship looks like.

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The Spartan Ops Episode 7 screenshots show environments that appar to primarily revolve around the UNSC Infinity engineering section. Those that have played previous episodes may remember a bit of foreshadowing from Dr. Halsey who mentioned that the Infinity's engines were developed using Forerunner technology.

Here is the official description of Episode 7.

As Lasky confronts Halsey for her actions, the Infinity is invaded by Promethean Knights and Sangheili terrorist Jul 'Mdama gets closer to unlocking the secrets of the Librarian.

Episode 7 of "Halo 4" Spartan Ops will be released Monday morning along with a Griffball multiplayer playlist plus the unlocking of the Engineer and Stalker Specializations.

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