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Halo 4 Spartan Ops: Episode 3 deploys along with Team Snipers playlist

Halo 4 for the Xbox 360 received a pair of updates on Monday after a later than usual start. One extends the story for the co-op based Spartan Ops while the other adds an old-favorite to the multiplayer playlist.

Team Snipers are a go for Halo 4.
343 Industries, Microsoft Game Studios

Spartan Ops: Episode 3 continues the story of the UNSC Infinity and the Spartan IVs dealing with the aftermath of the Master Chief's adventure on the Forerunner shield world of Requiem. An artifact discovered in the first episode continues to give the ship major problems which forces Captain Lasky to bring in a certain expert that has a long history with the Spartan program.

Meanwhile, the multiplayer playlist rotation has added Team Snipers to the mix while also retaining Team SWAT, which was added last week. You'll also find new weekly challenges for the campaign, War Games and Spartan Ops.

Here are the maps that Team Snipers will be played on.

  • Longbow
  • Complex
  • Solace
  • Ragnarok
  • Vortex
  • Exile
  • Meltdown

And here are the settings that Team Snipers will be played with.

  • Teams - 4v4
  • Score to Win - 600 [60 Kills]
  • Loadouts - UNSC Sniper Rifle Only
  • Ammo - Unlimited
  • Time Limit - 12 minutes
  • Grenades - Disabled
  • Ordnance - Disabled

Because of its popularity, SWAT will stick around for one more week in the playlist rotation according to 343 Industries. Additionally, the following tweaks are being made to maps.

  • Added a new variant to Ragnarok CTF, which removed Banshees
  • Fixed an exploit location on Ragnarok
  • Added two Mantises to Meltdown BTB
  • Improved spawning for CTF and Infinity Slayer on Complex

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