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Halo 4 multiplayer playlist finalized, skill ranks will be invisible for now

Screenshots of Halo 4 for the Xbox 360.
Screenshots of Halo 4 for the Xbox 360.
343 Industries, Microsoft Game Studios

343 Industries shared Friday the Halo 4 multiplayer playlists that will be available when the game launches next week. The studio also explained the missing skill ranks.

There will be nine different multiplayer playlists at the launch of Halo 4 that includes the standard Team Slayer, Big Team Slayer, Team Slayer Pro, King of the Hill and Capture the Flag matches. The new playlists consist of Dominion, Regicide, Flood and Oddball.

Many Halo fans have noticed that skill rankings are oddly missing from the War Games user interface. 343 Industries previously explained that they planned not to display skill rankings for everyone to prevent players from boosting. However, the studio said that a player may view their own skill rank. Obviously, that didn't happen and here is the explanation for it from Halo Waypoint.

We are tracking all player skill data and while it will not be exposed in the game UI at launch, we have some ideas about how to give players access to that information, in a useful way, in the not-so-distant future.

343 Industries later said that they plan on using title updates for Halo 4 to not only fix bugs but to add features.

If you're curious on how Halo 4's matchmaking works, that was also explained on Halo Waypoint.

Matchmaking will use geography, connection data, history and skill to determine player populations per game. Skill and connection get very high priority, but there will be other factors involved. I should also note that the simplification of our hoppers and playlists means that the quality of those matchmaking criteria will be improved through population density and that alone will make a huge difference

Here is the complete playlist for Halo 4 at launch.

Infinity Slayer – 4 v. 4
The newly introduced Infinity Slayer variant allows Spartans to earn points during the course of a match, which can eventually be leveraged to call in ordnance from overhead. Ordnance drops within Infinity Slayer consist of three selectable but randomly generated weapons or power-ups, the latter of which can alter a Spartan’s speed, shielding or ability to issue damage.

Big Team Infinity Slayer – 8 v. 8
Same as above, in an 8 v. 8 setting

Dominion – 6 v. 6
Teams are pitted against each other to capture, fortify and resupply bases to win. After infiltrating a base, a player can capture it for their team, whether it is a neutral base or a base previously claimed by the enemy. When a team has held a base for long enough, it will automatically fortify, defending itself with turret emplacements and energy shields. Holding a base earns teams points for each resupply, and provides teams with heavy ordnance drops and vehicles each supply cycle.

Regicide – 6-player FFA
The Spartan in first place is the King. As the King racks up kills, their bounty increases, thereby increasing the points other Spartans gain from killing the King. All other Spartans’ heads-up displays and motion sensors give away the King’s location at all times during the match, aggressively focusing combat wherever the point leader happens to be.

Flood – 10 players
Within this War Games simulation, the deadly parasite has returned – a group of Spartans have been transformed into incredibly fast and deadly Flood combat forms. As the Flood, players are forced to destroy uninfected Spartans, converting them into Flood combat form allies. As an uninfected Spartan, the player’s goal is to survive the seemingly never-ending Flood onslaught, staving off transformation into the parasite.

Capture the Flag – 5 v. 5
Played with up to four teams, each of which has their own Flag. The goal of each team is to steal an enemy team’s Flag, while protecting their own. Once a team has grabbed a Flag, they must return it to their own capture point to score. Flag carriers are only able to use a Magnum or the Flag itself as a weapon.

Oddball – 5 v. 5
With up to eight teams in combat, the goal of the War Games simulation called Oddball is to hold onto the ball the longest. While holding the ball, a player or team will gain points, but the player holding the ball is unable to defend themselves with their weapon. Players are also able throw the ball or use it as a weapon for close-range melee attacks.

King of the Hill – 5 v. 5
Reminiscent of schoolyard skirmishes, the War Games competition known as King of the Hill pits up to eight teams against each other in a struggle to hold a specific territory. While this is a classic game type, its most recent iteration offers a variety of new scoring methods, including a focus on individual performance in addition to the team’s collective effort.

Team Slayer Pro – 4 v. 4
This playlist features the following settings: No Radar, 3 Loadouts (DMR, AR or BR with 1 grenade and Resupply Tactical Package), Player Movement Speed, Reload Speed and Weapon Swap Speed set to 110%, Friendly Fire ON, Score to win Round 60 Kills, No Map Loadouts, and No Custom Loadouts.

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Via: Halo Waypoint


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