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Half-Life live action web series in the works

YouTube video makers Infectious Designer, known for creating fan films such as Beyond Black Mesa (over two million views) and CONCRETE HUSTLE (almost seven million views), have teamed up with the guys at Chariotdrive to make a live action Half-Life web series called "The Freeman Chronicles."

Bernhard Forcher as Gordon Freeman
Half-Life Live Action Web Series Teaser

The first episode of what is planned to be a six episode series was actually released a few months ago by Chariotdrive. Titled "Enter the Freeman" it has so far received over 600,000 views on Machinima. Despite working with a very limited budget, the first episode is not what you would expect when you hear the term "fan film." It looks professionally made. Check it out embedded below.

The story of the series takes place after Gordon Freeman reaches the surface but before he heads over to the Lambda Complex. Perhaps one of the coolest parts about The Freeman Chronicles is that actor Bernhard Forcher truly does look like Gordon Freeman!

"We are working day and night to create what is possibly one of the most epic and exciting web series ever," Bernhard Forcher told me. "Any gamer, not only Half-Life fans, will enjoy this action-packed sci-fi drama around hero Gordon Freeman!"

Award winning make-up artist Steve Wang is also involved in the project. He will be creating creatures from the Half-Life universe such as Vortigaunts and Barnacles (he already made the Headcrab seen in episode one which looks amazing). Steve has done special effects for a ton of major films such as Predator, Underworld, and Lady in the Water. He also worked on the 2001 Planet of the Apes movie and was the lead make-up artist on X-Men: The Last Stand. These are just to name a few of the numerous projects he has worked on.

Chariotdrive and Infectious Designer are currently trying to raise money on Indiegogo to complete the rest of the series. If they can make the first episode look that good with a limited budget, imagine what they could do if they actually had money to utilize? At the time of this writing, they have raised over $17,000 out of their $75,000 goal. There is only 10 days left on the campaign and they need your help! If you are a fan of Half-Life and want to see this awesome series completed, consider donating to their campaign by clicking here. When it comes to crowd funding on sites like Indiegogo, even people contributing just a few bucks helps out a lot because it adds up. There's some cool perks up for grabs as well.

You can even win the HEV Suit or Headcrab mask used in the series just by sharing the page on one of your social networks (click here for more information about that).

It is surprising to see nobody has ever taken a serious crack at making a Half-Life series before. Half-Life is still considered one of the best video game franchises of all time. Fans are still holding out hope for a Half-Life 2: Episode Three nearly six years after the release of Episode Two. If you are one of those hardcore Half-Life fans, why not donate to help make The Freeman Chronicles as awesome as humanly possible?

To learn more about the live action web series, head over to the Indiegogo page:

Or check out their main website:


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