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Halbrook presents lessons of Nazi 'gun control'

Halbrook gave lecture attendees documentation of Nazi "gun control" laws.
The Independent Institute

"Are There Lessons for Us Today from Nazi Gun Control?" Stephen P. Halbrook asked attendees at an Independent Institute lecture Thursday evening in Oakland, where he discussed his book, "Gun Control in the Third Reich Disarming the Jews and 'Enemies of the State.'”

The speech was presented live via webcast for those who could not attend. For those who missed the live presentation (and for those of us who wish to consult it again), archived videos have been posted at the Independent Institute website:

  • Part One (Halbrook gets introduced to the audience and begins speaking about 20 minutes into it.)
  • Part Two

This is an important lecture with much fascinating and useful information. One note for those who may, after watching, be disappointed that Halbrook does not make a big deal about -- and actually is not particularly supportive of -- ascribing Nazi motives to latter-day Lagerführers: He is a scholar, whose work must be accepted in academic and legal circles, and once you go from being a researcher/recorder to ardent, agenda-driven polemicist, those doors get slammed rather quickly and permanently. His value is where he's at doing what he's doing, presenting honest findings.

That said, we know the "progressives" will disparage and dismiss him anyway (note I said "him," as opposed to "his work"), but he's not doing this for them. If they did not control the media, we'd be seeing this guy on all the talking head shows getting the chance to educate the masses. Then again, being an academic, it wouldn't work all that well under present conditions, in what is primarily entertainment. Subjecting himself to crude and shallow snark would allow for his vital message to be derailed and hijacked by vulgar, narcissistic clowns, incapable of recognizing when they're in the presence of their betters.

Halbrook's work should be disseminated in high school and college classrooms, and having them show this video presentation would be a great start. Realistically, with prevailing public school teacher and administrator sentiments, that hardly fits in with their agenda, and my guess is, many of their charges have not had the proper reading skills imparted to go on to read the book, which is a whole 'nother path to explore.

Here's a bit of activism I believe would be helpful. Find out if your local public library has Halbrook's book in stock from their online catalog. If not, call them -- better yet, write, so you have and receive back documentation -- and request they add it to their shelves. That's something I'd like every reader of this column to commit to doing within the next week.

Here's another bit of activism I believe is absolutely necessary for any who wish to claim even marginal knowledge -- as opposed to mere opinions -- about the subject: Watch the archived video presentation. If you can't do it immediately, bookmark the links and do it sooner rather than later.

Then tell your friends, today, right now, and get them to do the same.

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