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Gypsy's Game by Delia Latham, Solomon's Gate Book Three

by Delia Latham

Delia Latham's third book in the Solomon Book series in Gypsy's Game is out and is fabulous! It is more than one could have hoped for in the series. I enjoyed every bit of it. Gypsy grows a lot from beginning to end and it is so great to watch her grow!

The aspect of belief and angels in this story also plays a great role. Solomon, the angel, is a part of the entire series and visits Gypsy in Gypsy's Game too. There are other characters from the previous books who are in this one as well. Kylie for instance, from Kylie's Kiss, becomes a new friend of Gypsy's. It's a great story of new faith, newlyweds and angels.

This is a great story and example of Christian fiction and I hope we see more in the series. See below for some more information from Delia Latham on the Solomon Gate Book Series. Delia is just a delight, see through her descrition, words and visit her website for even more information. Thanks go to Delia Latham and White Rose Publishing for sending a review copy to your Fresno Books Examiner for review.

Blurb from Delia's website about Gypsy's Game:

"Gypsy Lovell stands to inherit an enormous amount of money from a father who never gave her anything but a ridiculous name. Even now, he doesn’t make it easy. A stipulation in the man’s will demands that Gypsy be married in order to claim what is hers. Desperate for the monetary windfall that could save her ailing mother’s life, Gypsy visits a Christian dating agency, hoping to find a temporary husband. Someone easy to handle for the required six months, and easy to get rid of when she no longer needs him. Jal Garridan is neither of those things, but he's willing to take on the challenge presented by the beautiful stranger—on his own terms. What Gypsy doesn’t know is that Solomon’s Gate is a dating agency with a Divine connection. What she finds there may save more than her mother’s life. It may save Gypsy’s soul."

An Excerpt From Gypsy's Game:

He glanced up with his hand on the handle. "Here goes."

It was locked, just as he had predicted. Gypsy sighed, not knowing whether to be disappointed or relieved.

Jal knocked, and she tensed up again. He met her anxious gaze and shook his head, then knocked once more. No one answered.

Of course no one answered. This was a hospital, not a residence.

"I’m sorry, darling."

"It’s OK. I didn’t really expect—oh!" She threw her arms up to cover her head as the sound of rushing wind whooshed around her, though she felt no movement of air. In her peripheral vision, she saw Jal raise a hand to his eyes.

As the sound faded, Gypsy felt the brush of something soft against her face.

“Open the door.” She heard the words inside her head, and yet they seemed to come from all around her.

"Did you hear that?" she asked.

"The wind?" He nodded. "I didn’t feel it though. That’s odd."

"It wasn’t wind, Jal."

His eyes widened as he met her gaze. "Wings?"

"Yes. He said to open the door."

"I tried. It’s locked." He already had one foot on the steps, ready to come up.

"Try again. It’s open now." Gypsy started down the steps to join him, certain of the truth of her statement.

Jal studied her a moment, and then nodded. He swung around, placed his hand on the handle, and pushed. The door swung inward.

Gypsy peered into the darkness beyond. She didn’t know she was trembling until Jal wrapped one arm around her shoulder as he held the door open with one foot.

"Shhh. It’ll be all right, sweet Gypsy. Even the angels are on our side."

She knew she should pull away when he dropped a feather-light kiss on her cheek and touched the tip of her nose, but she couldn’t remember why. It didn’t matter anyway, for Jal broke that brief contact far too soon.

"Come on. Let’s find out what Solomon wants you to see."

Visit Delia at her website.

~Your Fresno Books Examiner


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