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Gun rights rally Saturday in Olympia with something to celebrate

Gun rights activists will rally tomorrow in Olympia in support of beleaguered gun owners in Connecticut.
Gun rights activists will rally tomorrow in Olympia in support of beleaguered gun owners in Connecticut.
Dave Workman

Gun rights activists will rally tomorrow in Olympia, showing solidarity with gun owners in Connecticut now battling that state’s restrictive new gun laws, while the Evergreen State has something to celebrate with the new short-barreled rifle law, signed quietly by Gov. Jay Inslee on Wednesday, according to State Rep. Matt Shea’s Facebook page.

They can also tout the fact that Washington’s active concealed pistol license figure is continuing to climb, with more than 454,000 CPLs now in circulation, according to the Department of Licensing. One year ago, there were 410, 891 active Washington licenses, translating to an increase of some 44,000 new licenses.

While the Norwalk Daily Voice is touting how the gun prohibition lobby is patting itself on the back in Connecticut – the “Constitution State” – beleaguered gun owners see it quite differently, arguing that they’ve been made felons and their property declared contraband by a mere stroke of Gov. Dannel Malloy’s pen last year. These organizations like to call themselves “gun safety” groups, but as this column noted, comedian Bill Maher – in what must be considered a fit of candor and honesty not normally seen from the Left – defined what “common sense gun safety” (as the Left sees it) actually is.

There’s a small stink rising this week about a college student who, with his video running, confronted Malloy at a community college about the new gun laws, saying that they put his fledgling ammunition manufacturing business out of business. For his confrontation, which ended with him calling Malloy a “snake,” he has reportedly been suspended.

There appears little doubt that a lot of Connecticut gun owners are defying the new laws, which might create a rebellion were they tried anywhere west of the Mississippi River outside of California, where recent news suggests that only politicians can engage in gun law violations.

Tomorrow’s rally runs from 11 a.m. to 3 p.m., and organizers are advising people who carry firearms – which may constitute the entire adult segment of the crowd – to keep handguns holstered and long guns “safely slung.” People who don’t will be politely asked to leave.

Now, just what is a “short barreled rifle,” commonly called by its acronym, an “SBR?” This is any rifle with a barrel less than 16 inches in length. Last month, Tacoma Democrat Rep. Laurie Jinkins, who supported the measure, noted that passage puts Washington in line with most other states. She noted at the time they are popular with gun collectors and police, and they are also prized by some competitors and various other folks.

But one simply does not trot down to Wade’s in Bellevue, Sharp Shooting in Spokane or Bull’s Eye Shooter’s Supply at its new Puyallup location and pick one up. Prospective buyers go through a more rigorous background check and must pay a $200 tax to own one. You also cannot build your own.

Still, to rub their own vernacular in, gun owners might tell anti-gunners that the SBR law and the rising number of legally-armed citizens constitute a “step in the right direction.”


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