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Gun owners should take White House up on invitation to write Obama

“The president wants to meet you,” a Tuesday email from The White House gushed. “Four lucky people in the Kansas City area will be having dinner with Barack Obama. This summer, the President's been traveling across the country to meet with people who have written him about how they're doing.”

"Yes, He is."
The White House

So he didn’t actually want to meet me. Bummer. He wanted to meet carefully vetted doctrinaire “community” loyalists.

Any bets they were all required to have government-issued ID, something the administration insists is 20% more likely to disenfranchise minorities? But that’s for voting. When it comes to really important things, like going to a free James Taylor concert, well, he appeals more to the able-to-afford-a-Prius crowd anyway, so it’s doubtful anyone was inconvenienced.

The email wasn’t offering dinner with Barry anyway, which is good, because I imagine Michelle’s school menu comes into play when they’re putting on the feed for anybody but themselves. That is, assuming the “lucky people” being invited aren’t stuck with the bill...

No, what it is inviting us to do is write a letter to Obama. And to set that golden opportunity up, his oxymoronically-named new press secretary, Josh Earnest, phones four worshipful Kansas City correspondents who convinced the president, or more likely his image management staffers, that they would be exploitable on par with temple devotees or, say, Chris Matthews.

“Oh my God,” gushed one female acolyte. “Oh my God.”

Why do I suddenly feel like singing?

“Share your story with the White House,” the email invites, “and if you want to write the President a note, you can do that right here.”

Well, why not? This is still America, as much as Obama's trying to fundamentally transform the place, and as long as you steer clear of anything the Secret Service might not find humor or understanding in, you’re still free to tell the guy what you think of him, or to ask him a question, or to urge him to... well, use your best judgment there.

Here’s what I sent:

I think it really sucks that you allowed Eric Holder to cheese out on producing Fast and Furious-related documents subpoenaed by Congress by asserting executive privilege. I find it unbelievable that Holder was informed of Brian Terry’s death the night it happened, yet five months later he testified under oath he had only “heard about Fast and Furious for the first time over the last few weeks.” I also find it highly suspicious that your White House Counsel refused to allow Kevin O’Reilly to testify in front of the House Oversight Committee.

No, I don’t expect this will make a bit of difference. But it does give me an excuse to put those links out again for readers who may not have been aware of the depth of perjury and avoidance this administration has gone through to stonewall the truth about a criminal conspiracy in which unknown numbers of people have died (estimated years back to be in the hundreds, and who knows how many since?).

Still, I doubt Josh will be calling me up anytime soon with an earnest dinner invitation.

Maybe if I send the “Organizer in Chief” a birthday card...?


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