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Gun Control: The truth Democrats won’t tell Granite Staters about HB 1589

The New Hampshire House could be voting on HB 1589 this Wednesday. This is a gun control bill that was written by out-of-state gun control groups as admitted by Democrat Representative Butler in sub-committee (see the video by Ken Park Jr.). There are no gun crime issues in the Granite State. As a matter of fact, New Hampshire has some of the lowest gun crime in the country – far lower than neighboring Massachusetts which has draconian gun laws in place. Democrats are pushing this unnecessary gun control bill based on outrageous lies. The following shreds some of their most egregious claims with the facts. All HB 1589 will do is turn law-abiding citizens into felons and could lead to a gun registry as many opponents fear. Not one criminal will be stopped by this law, not one. Because criminals don't obey gun laws.

Demorats are lying about gun control bill

The claims below are Democrats ‘reasons’ for pushing more gun control in New Hampshire (directly taken from the bill). Remember, they did not write this bill but they are supporting it. It is clear they also didn’t bother to research any of claims because they are all based on lies or statistics that do not apply to New Hampshire:

CLAIM: Federal law requires anyone “engage[d] in the business” of selling firearms to obtain a federal firearms license. However, many individuals sell firearms without such a license. In fact, it has been estimated that 40 percent of all firearms are sold in the United States by unlicensed people.

FACT: Democrats are using a study that was conducted in the 1990s in which 251 participants were surveyed on how they purchased their guns. That’s correct, they are pushing the lie that 40% of ALL guns are sold by unlicensed sellers based on a decades-old survey of a couple hundred people. UNH surveys more people in their political polls on a regular basis just for the Granite State.

CLAIM: Federal law requires federally licensed firearms dealers, but not unlicensed sellers of firearms, to, among other things, perform background checks on prospective firearm purchasers and maintain records of all firearm sales.

CLAIM: Private firearm sales are a significant public safety concern. The gap in federal law that allows unlicensed individuals to sell firearms without background checks is known as the “private sale” loophole. Because federal background check requirements apply only to sales or transfers by licensed firearm dealers, an estimated 6.6 million guns are sold or transferred without a background check each year, giving criminals and dangerously mentally ill individuals easy access to firearms.

FACT: There is no loophole. A private seller is not allowed to sell to anyone if they believe the person could be a ‘prohibited person’ according to federal law. This includes both gun shows and internet sales. From the National Review:

Current federal law requires anyone who is “engaged in the business” of selling guns to get a license and have any sales go through law-enforcement background checks — whether those sales occur in a shop or in a gun show. If a gun is sold over the Internet, a background check is mandatory. As Breitbart News reported: “If a resident of Denver bought a gun from a store in Tampa, the (licensee) in Tampa would send the gun to (a licensee) in Denver. Once it arrived, the buyer would pay a fee for shipping, taxes on the gun, as well as any mark-up for services. He would also have to submit to a back-ground check just as if he had bought the gun off a shelf in Denver.” In all cases, sales are denied if the person attempting to buy a gun has a felony conviction or, in many cases, a misdemeanor conviction, or if he has a history of mental illness.

The out-of-state gun control advocate group that wrote this bill is getting their 6.6 million number from the same bogus study of 251 people. Seems they are already entrenched in bad Common Core math practices.

CLAIM: Websites like have tens of thousands of guns for sale at a time, including hundreds in New Hampshire at any given time, and buyers can easily avoid background checks by choosing to shop with unlicensed sellers.

FACT: Any gun sold over the internet requires delivery to the buyer’s local FFL (Federal Firearms License) dealer who then performs a background check. If the buyer fails the NICS (National Instant Criminal Background System) check, the gun will not be transferred to the buyer. If an online seller sells a gun to someone without knowing the person and they are a banned person, the seller broke the law. The seller is a criminal.

According to the federal law:

An unlicensed individual may transfer a firearm to another unlicensed individual residing in the same State, provided that he or she has no reason to believe the buyer is prohibited by law from possessing firearms.

An unlicensed individual is prohibited from directly transferring a firearm to a person residing in another State. Regardless of the purpose of the transfer (e.g., gift, trade, loan, sale, ownership, etc.), this restriction applies to all types of firearms.

CLAIM: An undercover investigation in 2011 revealed 62 percent of private online sellers are willing to sell a gun to someone who probably could not pass a background check.

FACT: 62% of the 125 online sellers broke the law and would have sold guns to the undercover agents. It is not 62% of ALL online sellers. That number is bogus. Again Democrats are using a number in one small investigation in New York to apply to New Hampshire and the entire country. This is another egregious lie.

CLAIM: New Hampshire residents overwhelmingly support laws requiring background checks on all gun purchasers: A poll conducted by Schoen LLC in February 2013 found that 89 percent of New Hampshire residents support requiring a background check before every gun sale.

FACT: It’s about the question asked Einstein. Here is how the questions like this by anti-gun groups are worded:

In order to prevent criminals, terrorists and the mentally deranged from easily obtaining firearms, do you support or oppose Legislation that requires background checks be completed on every person that attempts to acquire a firearm?

Not only does this make it seem as though this country doesn’t already have background checks, it completely asks the question in a way to push a specific answer – the one the gun control crowd would like to see. It’s ridiculous to believe that 9 out of 10 Americans agree on gun control laws that don’t make sense in New Hampshire but Democrats didn’t bother conducting their own survey, they used the survey of the out-of-state gun control groups instead.

CLAIM: Universal background checks reduce illegal trafficking and treat all transfers equally, whether the purchaser is at a gun shop, a gun show, or buying the gun from a seller he or she met online. Universal background checks help ensure that all persons buying guns are legally eligible to do so.

FACT: The entire country already has universal background checks and laws regarding the small number or private sales that occur. As proven above, their lies about gun show and internet loopholes are just that, lies.

CLAIM: States that require private sale background checks also export 64 percent fewer crime guns to other states. In 2009, over 100 guns that originated in New Hampshire were recovered in crimes committed in Massachusetts, a state that requires background checks before private gun sales and transfers.

This is where the out-of-state gun control hacks get ridiculous. If you look at the data from 2012 on gun tracing from the ATF, indeed over 100 guns originated in New Hampshire that were recovered in Massachusetts. Ironic that 3 times that many illegal guns recovered in Massachusetts were traced right back to Massachusetts! The Bay State even exports illegal guns into New Hampshire! This from a state that has some of the strictest gun laws in the country. Yet Democrats are pushing this as a reason for more gun control in New Hampshire. This is once again proof that criminals do not obey gun laws no matter what state they are in.

These are just some of the more egregious lies Democrats are basing their gun control bill on. Many opponents fear that if Democrats force this useless bill on the Granite State it will lead to a gun registry. It’s not difficult to see why, Massachusetts allows private gun sales. The seller doesn’t have to be a licensed dealer or run a background check on the buyer but he/she has to register the sale with the state – a gun registry.

The people who wrote HB 1589 are not from the Granite State nor did they write this egregious piece of gun control using facts. Democrats in New Hampshire should be ashamed of themselves they didn’t bother researching this information. This bill will do absolutely nothing to stop criminals from getting guns nor will it stop gun violence. What it does is potentially turn law-abiding citizens into criminals while continuing to erode the Constitutional Rights of the people in the ‘Live Free or Die’ state.

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