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Gun control bill shot down in the New Hampshire House

Gun control bill shot down with the silver bullet of Liberty
Gun control bill shot down with the silver bullet of Liberty
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Today was the big vote on HB 1589, a gun control bill brought forth by House Democrats. As has been previously discussed, this bill was based on false premises, bogus studies and statistics that did not apply to the Granite State. An amendment was brought forth by Representative Laura Jones which would require a study commission be set up to further study the bill. This amendment passed with 177-175 votes.

HB 1589 was officially amended to a study commission which was then voted on by the House in an overwhelming win of 242-118, essentially killing the bill. There was a further motion to be sure the bill was sufficiently dead and buried that then passed by 244-113. This was a defining victory for the gun rights activists in New Hampshire who have been working non-stop against the out-of-state gun control advocates who wrote this bill and were pushing for its passage.

A big salute to all Representatives in the House who took a moment to realize that maybe, just maybe a study should be done using actual statistics in New Hampshire rather than those provided in the bill that have absolutely no bearing on the Granite State. As previously discussed, New Hampshire does not have a gun crime issue. It’s one of the safest states in the entire country. With today’s victory, gun rights activists will now gear up for another gun control bill being fought in the Senate – SB 244. Stay tuned for more information. For now, it’s time for 2nd Amendment activists to celebrate. Today the gun control bill was shot down with the silver bullet of Liberty.

h/t to Rebecca Stewart for the silver bullet reference