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Guerrilla Games comment on possible 3D support and demo for Killzone HD

Victor Zuylen of Guerrilla Games today took his time to answer a few fan questions in regards to the upcoming Playstation 3 title, Killzone HD. The Editor for the Killzone Community talked a little bit about the possibilities of 3D support and a playable demo for the remastered video game. You can check out some screens from the port in the slideshow at the top of this article and his statement from the comments section of the Playstation.Blog below.

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On if 3D support was ever considered for Killzone HD:

Not that I’m aware of. The thing about 3D technology is that it looks much better if you take it into account early on during development. For example, Killzone 3 includes large-scale setpieces (like the oil rigs) that play with depth and height to maximize the 3D effect for the player. Killzone wasn’t originally developed with 3D in mind, so adding it after the fact wouldn’t look very impressive.

The possibility of a playable demo:

We do not have a demo planned for Killzone HD.

Killzone HD will be released as a digital downloadable title and as part of the Killzone Trilogy compilation. You can pre-order the collection in the following link: Killzone Trilogy