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'Guacamelee!' is free for Xbox One in July with 360 getting two free titles too

Guacamelee! and Max: Curse of the Brotherhood
Guacamelee! and Max: Curse of the Brotherhood
Image courtesy of Microsoft, used with permission.

Microsoft revealed Thursday the four free games that will be available for Xbox One and Xbox 360 owners who subscribe to Xbox LIVE Gold. The Xbox One gets only one new game in the Game with Gold program, however. The second free title is recycled from what was available for the month of June.

"Guacamelee! Super Turbo Championship Edition" will be released to the Xbox One on July 2 as part of the ID@Xbox self-publishing program for indie developers. At the same time, LIVE Gold subscribers will be able to download and play the hilarious yet challenging brawler / platformer for free versus paying the $14.99 price.

It will be joined by “Max: The Curse of Brotherhood” from Pressplay. “Max” originally joined the Games with Gold program on June 2 and was free to download for Xbox One owners then. It’s unclear if Microsoft had problems securing a second free game for the month or if there was some other issue. Either way, the result is the game getting a second full month as a free game.

On the Xbox 360, “Gotham City Imposters” will be free from July 1 through July 15. The multiplayer, first-person shooter plays “what if a bunch of crazy people took sides in the fight between Batman and Joker in Gotham City and came up with a bunch of wacky weapons in a multiplayer battle.” The game eventually moved to free-to-play on the PC but it still costs real money on the consoles, until it joins Games with Gold that is.

Meanwhile, more free multiplayer fun will be on tap for the Xbox 360 from July 16 until the end of the month with “Battleblock Theater” from “Castle Crashers” developer, The Behemoth. It features both local and online co-op plus multiplayer modes for up to four players.

An Xbox LIVE Gold subscription is required. The cheapest current options include a 12-month subscription for $49.99 from Amazon through a third-party seller for a physical card or $59.90 for a code that can be redeemed instantly.

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