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'GTA V' zombie DLC rumors still shambling around the Internet

GTA V Zombies
Photo Courtesy Playstation Magazine

GTA V rumors of a zombie based DLC simply won’t die. On Monday morning, reports surfaced yet again that GTA V might be getting zombie themed content in the near future and the source of those rumors is certainly more believable than most.

On the Official Playstation Magazine UK’s twitter account, the magazine showed off its September cover. On that cover was a mention of some zombie-centric games and content. There were quite a few games mentioned that obviously have zombie-ties such as Dead Island 2, Dying Light, H1Z1, and The Walking Dead.

As the old song goes, one of these things is not like the other and the cover also included GTA V. Because this was just the cover of the magazine and it isn’t out just yet, there was no explanation as to why GTA V was included.

This isn’t the first time GTA V has been rumored to have zombies coming at some point in the future, but Rockstar hasn’t fueled those rumors with any sort of comment just yet. As Softpedia points out, while some think zombies simply don’t belong on GTA V, it wouldn’t be the first time Rockstar has put the undead in a game where they don’t belong. Years ago, the developer put a DLC chapter known as “Undead Nightmare” into its Red Dead Redemption game.

The open world of GTA V seems to allow for enough room for these monsters to haunt the title but at this point, you have to wonder if adding zombies to GTA V would simply be too unoriginal.

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