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‘GTA 5’ patch 1.11 fixes ‘GTA Online’ vehicle exploits, garage storage and more

‘GTA 5’ shots on PS3 and Xbox 360
‘GTA 5’ shots on PS3 and Xbox 360
Rockstar Games

The “Grand Theft Auto 5” 1.11 patch is now available for the PS3 and Xbox 360 versions of the video game. According to a report from Softpedia on March 5, the newest title update fixes several exploits and issues involving cars in the “GTA Online” mode of “GTA 5.”

After the 1.11 patch, players can no longer bring their cars acquired from the single-player campaign to the multiplayer arena in “GTA 5.” Furthermore, the nitro boost exploit was also removed from racing matches.

On the positive side, the title update fixed several issues that led to being unable to claim cars from the impound lot as well as the Titan vehicle exploding when stored in the hangar. Rockstar Games also added new tire smoke colors as well as reinstated support for the Beater Albany Emperor, Bravado Bison, Bravado Rumpo, Canis Seminole, Karin Rebel and Vapid Speedo in the personal garages of “GTA Online” players. You can find a list of all the important changes from the “GTA 5” patch version 1.11 below:

  • Two new tire smoke colours are available from Los Santos Customs in Online (Green & Purple).
  • Three celebrations have been added to Online - Dock, Knuckle Crunch, and Air Thrusting.
  • Players who are not the host of a job are now shown the "View Joined Players' Info" option while on the settings screen. This allows the player to access the list of players in their lobby, allowing muting or viewing profiles and stats.
  • Fixed an issue where players were unable to claim vehicles after being destroyed in the impound lot.
  • Fixed an exploit where players were able to give their vehicles nitrous boosts.
  • Fixed an exploit where players were able to bring vehicles from Single Player into Online.
  • Fixed an issue in Story Mode where a Titan would blow up when stored in a Hangar.
  • If a player has already ranked up a character to Rank 20 they will be given the option to skip the tutorial.
  • A number of vehicles have been added back to vehicles that can be stored in player garages: Karin Rebel (Clean), Beater Albany Emperor, Bravado Bison versions, Bravado Rumpo, Vapid Speedo, Canis Seminole

The title update also added a new business DLC pack for both the campaign and multiplayer modes of “GTA 5.” Players can download the expansion at no additional costs through the in-game store after installing the 1.11 patch.

Along with the minor updates, the development team is also planning to release major DLC packs later this year for “Grand Theft Auto 5.” The new expansions should include “GTA Online” heists and assassination missions for the campaign mode.

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