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‘GTA 5’ limited edition official strategy guide cover and discount revealed

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The cover has been revealed in regards to the limited edition official strategy guide for the upcoming multiplatform video game, “GTA 5.” According to a product page update from Amazon on Sept. 10, the special version of the book will feature a simple black hardcover with “V” plastered over the middle. You can check out the cover, along with several screenshots from the latest “Grand Theft Auto” video game, in the slideshow on the top-left hand side of this article.

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The limited edition of the official strategy guide also includes an exclusive lithograph and several character illustrations that can’t be found in the regular iteration of the book. The maps and texts promise to provide a complete walkthrough of all the missions, mini-games, collectibles and other elements featured in the open-world action-adventure video game.

The “GTA 5” limited edition official strategy guide cover is normally priced at $36.99, which is $12 more than the regular version. However, Amazon is currently selling the product at a 40% discount. Customers would only have to pay $22.19 as a result.

Brady Games is the company responsible for publishing the limited edition official strategy guide. The book will be launching on Sept. 17, which is the same day as the game’s release on the Playstation 3 and Xbox 360 current-generation platforms. You can pre-order the products from Amazon in the following links: "GTA 5" and “GTA 5” limited edition official strategy guide