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‘GTA 5’ leak hints that online heists to be competitive rather than cooperative

Grand Theft Auto V
Grand Theft Auto V
Photo courtesy of Take-Two Interactive, used with permission

Intended to release earlier this spring, the launch of online heist missions for Grand Theft Auto V was delayed so that Rockstar Games could have more time to prepare the new multiplayer content. The upcoming addition of large-scale robberies to GTA Online has been described by the developers as co-op missions in the past. However, it now looks like the new feature might have more in common with team-based competitive matches rather than an actual co-op mode according to a rumored leak that was reported by VG247 on Wednesday.

The leak details several new jobs coming to the online multiplayer mode for Grand Theft Auto V. Two online heist missions are included in the list along with a few brief specifics. While all of the information is only a rumor at this time, the report points out that the leak comes from the same individual responsible for discovering files for the game’s most recent title update prior to the release of the I’m Not a Hipster update.

If the details turn out to be true, then those that were expecting online heists to be purely cooperative-based mission content may be disappointed. Rather than only working alongside friends, the leak describes the heists of GTA Online to be an objective-based competitive game mode instead.

According to the rumor, the online robberies will require more than 20 players to complete. Most of them will work together to pull off the heist, but the new mode would still mark a smaller team of players as cops who must attempt to stop the crime in progress. While an interesting concept, if the details turn out to be true, this setup would be a far cry from an actual co-op mission that online heists were first described to be.

Perhaps this complete change in the direction of online heists from co-op content to team-based competitive matches is the reason for the recent delay. The launch of multiplayer heists something fans have wanted since GTA Online’s servers first turned on in October of last year. Rockstar Games also initially stated that they eventually wanted to provide a number of different online heists for a variety of different team sizes. For GTA Online, 20 players is a large amount so this rumor could also be only one king of heist out of many planned variations.