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Group of Tesla Model S owners also set out to recreate John Broder’s failed trip

A group of dedicated Tesla Model S owners organized online and set out earlier this afternoon Satuday (February 16,2013) to recreate John Broder’s failed run between Newark Delaware and Millford Conneticut and back to Millford ( the part of the trip where he failed).

Getting ready to leave Rockville!
Getting ready to leave Rockville!
Tesla Motor Club/ Tesla Road Trip

Click here to see actual live tweets in realtime from their trip!

Inspired by the storm of bad press started by John Broder’s scathing review on his Tesla Model S test drive failing to deliver on advertised range ,several people started plans for re-creating trips of their own.

First it was two CNN journalists who within just a day after Elon Musk submitted data logging off John Broder’s Tesla Model S refuting his claim, set out on their own drive in a Tesla Model S between Newark Del, and Millford Conn. , which they completed to much media praise.

Then, within a few hours after their run, several members of the Telsa Motors club orgainzed online and converged early Saturday morning in Delaware to recreate the run yet again. As of this writing, it looks like all Tesla Model S’s and their owners who set out from Newark, Delaware reached Millford, Conneticut without any problems. They even made a little video highlighting how easy it was to find the chargers ( a problem John Broder claimed he had when trying to locate the chargers himself, see video below) Promptly after finishing the first part of their drive, they all celebrated by eating at Red Robin.

Now as of press time, they are setting off to Groton, CT where John Broder infamously stayed overnight before returning to Millford to top off and heading to their final destination point in New York. But this time most of them have a 100% charge leaving from Millford,CT to Groton,CT ( one driver was reported to have not topped off on electricty, just like Broder). The real test will be tommorow when they all wake up and drive back to Millford,CT.

For live updates, you can follow their every move on their twitter where they've been tweeting live and posting pictures of all the fun (see above link).

The problem with John Broder’s report was that the only way to refute his data was not only through hard data from his car (pulled earlier by Elon Musk), but by other people recreating his trip step by step. Basically all anyone had to do was take a roadtrip, an activity synonymous with fun. This merry band of Tesla Model S owners aren't so much making a point as just having a good time. Cheers to them.

Click here to check out the Tesla Motor Club forum where all the fun began, from planning to execution.


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