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Greg Abbott: Cartel violence threatens Texas-Mexico border

Cartels fire across Rio Grande River.....Cartels fired .50 caliber rounds at Border Guards in Texas across Rio Grande River.
Cartels fire across Rio Grande River.....Cartels fired .50 caliber rounds at Border Guards in Texas across Rio Grande River.
Fox News

Texas Attorney General and gubernatorial candidate Greg Abbott told Greta Van Susteren recently cartel violence was one of the reasons it was necessary for he and Governor Rick Perry to dispatch the National Guard to protect the Texas-Mexico border, according to Fox News. Abbott, the top law enforcement official in Texas and a native of Wichita Falls, made his comments during an interview on Van Susteren's On The Record Show.

His contention is backed up by the discovery of a human skull on the Vickers Ranch not far from the border, according to a recent article in Bloomburg Business Weekly. Linda Vickers discovered the skull just a few yards from her front door. It is believed cartel members beat her to death and left her to die alone not far from an oil pipeline which runs across the ranch. This is not an isolated incident. The Border Patrol finds a corpse a day on an average over the past 15 years along pipelines running from the Vicksburg Fault to the refineries in Corpus Christi. That the cartels have invaded 75 miles inside the Texas border to commit their executions against rival gang couriers and anyone else who is in the wrong place at the wrong time is alarming.

Cartels have also been aggressively recruiting bi-nationals or Mexican Americans to sell their drugs. One high profile example is the recent case of Edgar Valdez Villarreal, a former Laredo High School football star. Nicknamed "La Barbie" based on his fair skin and blond hair, he was recruited by th Beltrain Leyva drug cartel. He was recently arrested, according to the Latin American Tribune.

Ten El Paso residents were also recently arrested in Juarez, Mexicio in connection with drug cartel activities. They were believed to be recruits also.

Cartel members fired across the Rio Grande River at U.S. Border patrol personnel last Friday with high-powered weaponry from the Mexican side, according to Rep. Louis Gohmert, R-Texas on Fox News today. Americans were forced to take cover because they didn't have armor powerful enough to stop the .50 caliber rounds being fired at them. This incident happened near Reynosa, Mexico on the Rincon Peninsula area. Sources said once the hail of large caliber rounds stopped, 40 to 50 illegal aliens emerged from hiding places with their hands held high in the air. The fusillade of rounds was evidently an effort to help them evade U.S. Border patrol.

Yes, there are definitely plenty of reasons to dispatch the National Guard to protect the historic Rio Grande River from this modern day invastion of the border. The drug cartels now pose a more serious threat to the security of the Lone Star State than Santa Ana ever did back in the day when he was attempting to defeat Sam Houston.

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