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‘Grand Theft Auto Online’ heists and other free DLC release dates discussed

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A new update has been provided by Rockstar Games in regards to the addition of heist missions and other free DLC that were previously promised to arrive within the first few weeks of the launch for “Grand Theft Auto Online.” In an exchange that occurred in the comments section of Rockstar Newswire on Oct. 18, a fan was curious when heists will be added to the multiplayer mode of “GTA 5.”

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A representative from Rockstar Games responded by stating that the company currently does not have a release date time frame to announce. However, he also promised that they will hopefully have something to share soon. You can take a look at some screenshots featuring both “GTA 5” and “Grand Theft Auto Online” in the slideshow located near the top of this article and the comments from the representative below:

We don't currently have a timeframe to share, but we do hope to be able to give you release timings for Heists and other free updates soon. Please stay tuned.

In addition to heists, Rockstar Games also promised to release the content creator, capture the flag mode in addition to the beach bum pack (which comes with new beach-based clothing, vehicles and weapons).

“Grand Theft Auto Online,” which launched on Oct. 1, has been suffering from numerous connection and lost progression problems. As a result, the development team had to release several patches in order to address the issues. The release dates for heists and other free DLC may have been postponed due to the errors. You can order the product from Amazon in the following link: “GTA 5”