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Governor Sugar was once Uncle Sugar

Governor Huckabee blasts contraception for women who can't control their libido, but as governor, he was "Uncle Sugar" himself.
Governor Huckabee blasts contraception for women who can't control their libido, but as governor, he was "Uncle Sugar" himself.
Photo by Win McNamee/Getty Images

The Republican Party had their annual winter meeting this past weekend. Just as last year, Party Chairman Reince Priebus gave reporters a summary. Just as last year, Priebus said that Republicans needed to watch the words they use to advocate Republican policies on “women’s issues.” Just like last year, Priebus had to explain an outrageous statement made by a top Republican that insults nearly every woman in America.

Former Republican governor, presidential front runner, and commentator on Fox News, Mike Huckebee, said in a speech to a gathering in Tampa that Democrats want women to believe they are helpless without “Uncle Sugar coming in and providing for them a prescription each month for birth control, because they cannot control their libido or their reproductive system without the help of the government.”

In other words, the Republican was asserting that the only reason woman uses contraception is because she has an out-of-control libido. If he and his band of brothers are so concerned about libido, why do they not object to insurance policies covering Viagra?

Priebus stopped short of criticizing or condemning Huckabee’s comments; he simply explained, just like last year, that he would have “phrased” it differently. Perhaps Priebus would have used the word “horniness” rather than libido, or perhaps some other derogatory word Limbaugh uses in place of “woman.”

Priebus had no problem with the policies Gov. Huckabee was advocating in regards to contraception, or ending insurance coverage for contraception; he just would have used different words. After all, the GOP is the party “for” women. Unfortunately, most women did not know that. Now that they do, I am sure they feel much better.

I don’t know what is worse: Huckabee’s demeaning statement, or Huckabee’s hypocrisy that smacks of racism.

Governor Huckabee, a Baptist preacher turned political hack, signed a bill into law when he was governor of Arkansas that mandated that insurance policies in Arkansas had to cover contraception—including Catholic institutions and nuns. This is the very same thing he condemns so vehemently in Obamacare.

In fact, Republican governors across the nation signed similar laws, and supported these policies when George W. Bush was president. However, when Obama adopted that same Republican policy, they are outraged. It seems Republican don’t view a policy on what it does, but rather on the race of the person proposing it. If a white president wants it, it’s wonderful. If a black guy wants it, it is communism and an assault against religion.

The same racial hypocrisy extends to Catholic Bishops and certain organizations of nuns. More than half of the states in the nation already require insurance coverage to cover contraception—including religions institutions. No problem. They were only too happy to assist. Many Catholic institutions have insurance policies that cover contraception—because state law mandates it. The Bishops have no issue with Viagra coverage. What message does that send? Bishops have sued to block that same contraception coverage under Obama.

When an African-American president adopts the same public policy that has worked well without any dissent for years, Bishops and certain orders of nuns have filed law suits to over turn it. Where were the lawsuits when white Baptist governors imposed those same requirements on churches?

What would Jesus say? He might resort to a swear word or two.

Republicans are giving a late Christmas gift to Democrats. They continue to alienate women—who make up the majority of voters in the nation. This time, they are making their insults even more personal. Ninety nine percent of all woman use contraception at least once in their life. And they don’t need Uncle Sugar, or any male political hack that wants to control their bodies, to tell them what to do. They are capable of making their own decisions.

Why are Republican politicians so obsessed with policies that seek to control women’s reproductive systems? Why are they obsessed with rape? It looks like a perverted sexual obsession to me. Good news, though, Obamacare covers sexual disorders and syndromes of this nature. All they need to do is shut up and sign up.

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