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Gov. Rick Perry loses his concealed carry permit following indictment

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Texas Gov. Rick Perry was indicted last week on felony charges accusing the governor of abuse of power. Perry entered into a plea of not guilty, but for his troubles, now has lost his conceal and carry permit.

After an ethics investigation proved there was enough evidence to indict the governor, Rick Perry was on the hot seat. Travis County District Attorney, Democrat Rosemary Lehmberg, was arrested last year after a DWI charge. After serving 45 days in jail and going through mandatory counseling, Perry pushed for Lehmberg to resign. After Lehmberg refused, Perry vetoed $7.5 million in funding for the state's public integrity unit that is run by the district attorney's office. The cuts to the office resulted in the loss of jobs for many within the unit.

Local ABC news affiliate, KTXS in Texas reports on Saturday that Rick Perry, an outspoken gun rights activist, will no longer have as many rights under the Second Amendment he cherishes dearly. Under Texas state law, Perry will have his concealed and carry license suspended because of the indictment, and won't be able to reapply for two years. According to federal law 18 USC 922, Perry will also not be allowed to purchase any new firearms, but will still be able to retain the guns he currently owns. Perry will also be able to carry a gun as long as its in his own home.

Gov. Rick Perry decided to enter a plea of not guilty on the first degree felony of abuse of official capacity, and the third degree felony of coercion of a public official. If Perry is found guilty, the governor could face a maximum sentence of up to 109 years in prisons.