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Gov. Pat Quinn: Reboot Illinois poll with huge Bruce Rauner lead 'phony-baloney'

A new poll was released today by Reboot Illinois, a news website, showed Governor Pat Quinn trailing Bruce Rauner, his Republican opponent by 14 points. The poll showed a four point increase for Rauner over a June poll that showed him with a ten point lead. The pollster claims that the results were because of an acceptance of Rauner's tax and budget proposal.

Illinois Governor Pat Quinn attends the 7th Lincoln Leadership Prize Dinner at the Hilton Chicago on March 19, 2014 in Chicago, Illinois. Quinn calls a poll by Reboot Illinois 'phony-baloney.'
Photo by Timothy Hiatt/Getty Images

Reboot Illinois was founded by billionaire hedge fund manager, Anne Dias Griffin, and she is also a donor to the Rauner campaign in the form of a $5,000 donation. Her estranged husband Ken Griffin, also a hedge fund manager, has donated $2.5 million to Rauner.

Governor Pat Quinn was not amused by the Reboot Illinois poll results and challenged the results. "I think Representative Eric Cantor in Virginia learned about relying too much on 'phony-baloney' polls supported by political types," Quinn said, referring to the losing former Republican majority leader in Congress. "My whole life I’ve been underestimated in campaigns and I’ve done pretty well."

Nate Silver, the famed election prognosticator from the New York Times back then, had Quinn with little chance of winning. "I wasn’t behind on election day. And the guy I ran against is still looking for his gym shoes," Quinn said referring to his opponent, state Sen. Bill Brady. Quinn won by a slim margin. "A lot of these polls are supported by my opponents supporters, so you gotta be careful there."

Quinn may have something there in view of this conflict of interests. Two recent polls show these results may well be skewed in Rauner's favor whether deliberately or not. One recent poll conducted by McKeon & Associates, showed Rauner leading Quinn 40 percent to 34 percent. Another 26 percent were undecided. The other, a CBS/New York Times poll, showed Rauner leading 46 percent to Quinn’s 43 percent.

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