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GoTenna allows you to send texts when you have no service

For those who are of the outdoorsy sort, there’s a new gadget that just might save your life if you happen to be out of a service area and need to get a message out.

GoTenna allows you to form a peer-to-peer network to send texts.

A device called GoTenna allows your phone to hook up with another GoTenna user’s cellphone network, which will allow you to send along a text message or GPS coordinates.The 6-inch long device, shaped like a baton, uses extremely low frequencies to allow for messages to reach a certain distance away, depending on how clear the horizon is. For example, at the top of a mountain, a GoTenna could find devices up to 50 miles away. But when in the center of a forest, it might only be able to reach three to four miles away.

It uses “ultra-low-band frequencies” of 151-154 HMz to be able to send messages. But you won’t be able to do more than that. Low-band mobile networks are at 700 MHz and Wi-Fi is 1700 MHz higher than that. This will be a life-saving device, meant only to be used when absolutely necessary. Or you can send forest sexts, if you really feel like it.

GoTenna is taking pre-orders today for two devices, because of course, they use a peer-to-peer network, so one device on its own would be pretty useless. Orders start at $150.

The CEO and co-founder, Daniela Perdomo, thinks the biggest crowd to market to will be hikers, skiers, hunters, mountain climbers and the outdoorsy types. But there’s also a market for people who need cell service in crowded locations, such as music festivals, comic-cons and the like.

Perdomo also says that those preparing for the end of the world and the zombie apocalypse could be interested in the product as well. For those who are interested in using it once, there will be the option to just rent one, making worried loved ones perhaps more at ease about this mid-life crisis/ out of high school adventure.

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