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Gordon Klingenschmitt: "child molesting" a favorite LGBT recruiting tool

Gordon Klingenschmitt
Gordon Klingenschmitt

If insanity is doing the same thing over and over and expecting different results, Gordon Klingenschmitt is guano loco.

Klingenschmitt has tried, countless times, to lobby reality to accept "homosexuality" and "pedophilia" as synonyms. Yet despite having failed every single time, he is still at it.

Klingenschmitt sent yet another anti-gay email to the members of his Pray In Jesus Name Project denouncing Sen. Al Franken’s Student Non-Discrimination Act.

Previously, Klingenschmitt had insisted on calling the legislation "No Child Left Unmolested". Today, it's the "Homosexual Classrooms Act."

Minors are not mentally mature enough to consent to sex with adults, which makes it statutory rape. Did you know the average age of first sexual experience for heterosexuals is 17, but for homosexuals it is 12? One half of all adult homosexuals report having once been victims of sexual abuse before age 13.

Child molesting is therefore a favorite "recruiting" tool of adult homosexuals. They violate children, and when the victim is later confused, they lie and say 'you were born that way.'

Klingenschmitt once again hinges everything on his entire audience being morally and intellectually bankrupt enough to believe, not only that homosexuality is synonymous with child molestation, but that the goal of the LGBT community is to turn everyone else gay and not to simply be left alone.

This summer Franken snuck his pro-bullying legislation which threatens to defund any public school that fails to promote homosexuality (bullying Christian kids to reject their parents' religious beliefs), by inserting the language from his failed "Homosexual Classroorms [sic] Act" (aka Student Non-Discrimination) into Senator Tom Harkin (D-IA)'s Elementary and Secondary Education Act (formerly known as No Child Left Behind).

The result is Al Franken's "No Child Left Unmolested" amendment, which mandates a pro-homosexual federal curricula for all public schools, and defunds any school that resists. He deceptively campaigns it will stop bullying, but actually it bullies your Christian kids and teachers, removing power from parents and school boards, by threatening to withhold funds, if they refuse to teach kids that sin is normal.

Klingenschmitt appears to be operating under the presumption that he is normal. Ergo, since he can't stop thinking about sex and wants to legally punish everyone who does not meet the standards of the American Taliban, he assumes that means everyone else is a sex-obsessed wannabe tyrant too.

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