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GOP Rep. resigns over voter fraud allegations

Though Republicans are the ones who complain about voter fraud, it looks like one of their own has been caught in his own party's hypocrisy.

Voting stickers lay on a table at the Kings Art Center November 6, 2012 in Columbus, Ohio.
Photo by Jay LaPrete/Getty Images

Voter fraud is a hot button issue and always becomes one of the top political topics during the election season. While it's only the summer, the midterm elections are right around the corner and a real case of voter fraud has already found its way into the news. Republican state Rep. Mike Hope of the 44th Legislative District in Washington was forced to resign Saturday after he was caught registering to vote in both Washington and Ohio.

Hope, who calls himself “Representative Beefcake” due to his physique, was in his third term and wasn't planning on pursuing re-election. The duel registration was noted by a Democratic activist in Snohomish County, who then alerted the chief clerk of the situation. According to the Green Field Reporter, Hope had been registered to vote in Ohio since August of 2013 as part of training for a career in financial services.

"He said the training program has him traveling to New York and Ohio, and he has no permanent address in Snohomish County. Instead, he stays with his brother in Snohomish when he's in the state."

Hope has denied any knowledge of the voter fraud allegations, stating he had "no idea" about anything. While Hope claims he has "no clue" about the situation, instead of fighting the charges, he decided to resigned Thursday in a short letter to Gov. Jay Inslee.

“It has been an honor to serve in the Washington State House of Representatives. It has also been an honor to serve during your term...However, I can no longer serve the remainder of my legislative term.”

The now former state Representative was planning on retiring at the end of his term prior to his resignation, and has endorsed Republican Mark Harmsworth to fill the vacancy.

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