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GOP lawmakers to Obama: Keep illegal aliens off military bases

Republican members of the U.S. Senate and the House of Representatives openly condemned President Barack Obama and his administration on Friday over their intention to use more of the nation's military installations, especially army barracks, as shelters for illegal alien children and young adults. The lawmakers claim that the use of military bases will hamper the U.S. military's primary function: Defending the United States and Americans.

Americans who were victims of Hurricane Katrina weren't coddled the way illegal aliens are coddled.
Getty Images/NWV

According to the American Forces Press Service, this week alone Defense Secretary Chuck Hagel has approved the housing an another 5,000 minors defense installations. Euphemistically called unaccompanied alien children (UAC), these illegal aliens are expected to come into the U.S. from Honduras, Guatemala and El Salvador in the coming weeks.

Pentagon spokesman Army Col. Steve Warren told reporters that Secretary Hagel okayed more space to house children fleeing violence and crime in Central America.

"I recall during the Katrina tragedy that African American citizens weren't housed on military bases when evacuated to Texas. In fact, they were herded into makeshift shelters with no food or water in many cases," said former U.S. Marine and police detective Sidney Franes, a former official with the black police officers fraternal association, The Guardians, in New York.

"Once again, foreign nationals are being treated with more care than American citizens and taxpayers. Some people in New Jersey who lost their homes and their possessions during Hurricane Sandy are still struggling but lawbreakers are being given the 'red carpet' treatment," notes Franes.

Close to 3,000 illegal aliens, some as old as 19-years-old, are being bivouacked at Fort Sill Army Basd in Oklahoma, Lackland Air Force Base in Texas, and Ventura County's Naval Station in California. What originally was touted as a "four-month mission," is already being extended through the beginning of 2015.

Alabama GOP Reps. Martha Roby and Mike Rogers wrote a letter to the heads of both departments opposing their plan saying, "As a nation at war, the service members at Maxwell-Gunter play a critical role in our nation’s defense and [we] are concerned the troops would be distracted by this effort."

"The housing, feeding and caring of immigration detainees would severely compromise the critical mission at Maxwell-Gunter,” the lawmakers wrote. “Throughout the year, Maxwell-Gunter hosts thousands of Air Force personnel conducting time-sensitive training essential for our national defense.”

Members of the Oklahoma delegation this week voiced their own opposition to Obama and Hagel's decision to bring another 5,000 illegal alien minors on U.S. bases will turn Fort Sill into an immigration detention center.

"The border crisis is a result of Administration policies and failure to enforce the law,” said Rep. Jim Bridenstine, R-Okla., member of the House Armed Services Committee. "The surge of illegal entries at the southern border of the United States has resulted in children suffering and threatens our national security and national sovereignty. The compassionate thing to do is to deter people from making, or sending their children, on this dangerous journey.

“Secretary Hagel should not extend or expand the use of Ft. Sill as a UAC camp," he said in his statement.

On Friday at the White House, the presidents of Guatemala, Honduras and El Salvador met with President Obama to discuss the crisis and their ideas about the future of illegal aliens entering the United States from their countries. Obama told them he asked for funding from Congress to address the crisis.

But Republican members of Congress asserted that the real solution is to swiftly deport those being housed at facilities including the Border Patrol Training Academy in New Mexico. "That and that alone will send a message to Central America that they cannot expect to violate U.S. laws and be allowed to stay," said former Police Officer Iris Aquino. She also noted that Obama's 2012 policy is what enticed the current tsunami of illegal alien children.

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