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GOP debunked: 'Obama phone' does not exist, program started in 2008 under Bush

A video has surfaced of a woman at an Obama rally in Cleveland, Ohio who claims she was given a free mobile phone, which she called an "Obama phone."

The Obama phone does not exist.

The video was originally featured on, a right leaning publication. Naturally republicans nationwide jumped at the chance to use this video as evidence against President Obama's policies in an attempt to discredit him. It might have worked, except the "Obama phone" does not exist.

This matter is resurfacing now, but it was originally debunked back in 2009 by Presently has taken the lead charge in debunking this myth.

As it happens the "Obama phone" actually was signed into law by President George W. Bush in 2008. The program is called "SafeLink Wireless." An article from August 2008 confirms this.

How could it be an "Obama phone" when, at that time, the president had barely won the nomination two months prior?

Once again the GOP has reacted without having the facts, and once again they are holding an empty sack.

Video of this incident is attached on the left side.

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