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GOP candidate repeats claim disabled children are God’s punishment for abortion

Yesterday, during an interview with the Washington Times, Bob Marshall stood by his 2010 claim that disabled children represent God’s vengeance against women who have abortions. “I don’t care,” said the GOP candidate for the US House of Representatives. “I mean, if I say something in public, I say it in public.”

Bob Marshall (R), VA House of Delegates

Speaking before an anti-Planned Parenthood group in 2010, Marshall said, “(T)he number of children who are born subsequent to a first abortion who have handicaps has increased dramatically. Why? Because when you abort the firstborn of any, nature takes its vengeance on the subsequent children... this is a special punishment, Christians would suggest."

At the time Bob Marshall made a kind of half-apology for his remarks which did not address what he said, but regretted “any misimpression my poorly chosen words may have created.” He also accused the media of taking his words out of context (you can judge that for yourself by accessing the video of his press conference provided via Right Wing Watch).

This was not the only claim Marshall defended in the Washington Times interview. In 2013, he told an anti-abortion group that a recent Supreme Court ruling on same-sex marriage was unsympathetic to social conservatives and that the reason might have something to do with the sexual orientation of the author of the majority opinion, Justice Anthony M. Kennedy.

“For all I know, Kennedy’s a homosexual,” said Marshall. “You can’t be doing some of these things without this kind of conclusion.”

Bob Marshall currently serves in the Virginia General Assembly. If he wins the GOP primary later this month, he will be running for the House seat currently held by fellow Republican Frank Wolf, who is retiring after this term.

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