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Good news for gun owners in Rhode Island?

Gun owners train to shoot accurately at firing ranges.
Gun owners train to shoot accurately at firing ranges.
Photo by Spencer Platt/Getty Images

A local ABC network affiliate in Providence, R.I., WLNE-TV, is reporting that new developments in the state legislature may pose good news for gun owners in the state. The reporter who filed the story, Dee DeQuattro, went as far as to describe these developments as "the end of gun control."

While it is too early to know for sure if the movements of the state legislature will, in fact, mean the end of gun control in a deeply blue state like Rhode Island, on the surface at least it would appear that gun owners have reason to be somewhat hopeful that some of the more extreme of the gun control laws may be eased.

DeQuattro begins her report with the following introduction:

With the election of the new Speaker of the House, Nicholas Mattiello, gun enthusiasts can rest easy.

Not only does Mattiello carry an A+ ranking from the National Rifle Association but the two Representatives that he has selected to head the House Judiciary Committee are likely to kill any anti-gun legislation on arrival.

Mattiello has appointed Representative Cale Keable, a lawyer from Burrillville to chair the House Judiciary Committee and in a bipartisan move he appointed Representative Doreen Costa, a Republican representing Exeter and North Kingstown, to be the vice chair.

Both Keable and Costa, says DeQuattro, are known in the state for their strong support of gun rights. The two are likely to prevent any gun control bill from making it out of committee to the floor for a vote.

These developments represent major changes for the R.I. state legislature. Former House Speaker Gordon Fox received a C rating from the NRA. And former House Judiciary Committee Chair Edith Ajello received a dismal rating of F-.

Although Rhode Island will still be held firmly in the grip of anti-gun politicians and their supporters in the electorate, DeQuattro says that the northern sector of the state is full of gun rights supporters and is home to dozens of sportsmen clubs. It can be safely assumed that firing ranges are part of these clubs.

But down state there are large numbers of R.I. residents who support strong limitations and restrictions on gun rights. They are not expected to back off from their agenda.

While that may be true, DeQuattro sums up the harsh reality for gun control proponents:

Of course gun control supporters will continue to press for their legislation but at least for now it has no chance to make it through committee.

Firearms owners and gun rights enthusiasts are hoping that these changes signify that the tide is turning in favor of Second Amendment issues in New England.

(Hat tip to Sispey Street Irregulars).


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