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GoldieBlox proves a small business can run an ad during the Super Bowl

Wedged in between all the ads from the likes of Chrysler, Bud Light, Doritos, and Radio Shack, one small business for a home during the Super Bowl ad parade and it was due to a contest where the sole aim was showcase a deserving small business in the spotlight of the biggest football game of the year.

GoldieBlox shows a small business can run an ad during the Super Bowl

It was GoldieBlox, a toy startup that was the big winner in the recent Intuit's Small Business Big Game promotion that began last summer.

GoldieBlox and it's toys are aimed at girls and breaking down the barriers that keep girls from entering fields like science and engineering.

Debbie Sterling studied engineering at Stanford, was dismayed at the lack of women in her field and felt she could do something about it. So she started GoldieBlox, which aims to excite girls about engineering with toys that teach strong verbal skills while appealing directly to girls.

More on the great story that is GoldieBlox:

GoldieBlox, featured during the Super Bowl is a Bay area toy company that wants girls to push their limits and think outside the box. The initial production of GoldieBlox was crowdfunded on Kickstarter in only 4 days. GoldieBlox won the Intuit's Small Business Big Game contest that more than 15,000 small businesses competed for.

It put them on the big stage, during the big game and an audience of 100 million people.

You can see a longer version of the commercial here:

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