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Gods breath

When you hear the testimony of others who’ve persevered through much hardship, do you wonder how these people are able to endure so much suffering and still find their way back to health? As I am making my way through my Mental Health Counseling degree, the stories of triumph are so awe-inspiring. People are able to move beyond the most horrific situations and, most of the time, they are stronger because of the hardship they survived.

There is something bigger than the individual self.
There is something bigger than the individual self.
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As a Christian with a strong faith, I believe the presence of God, within each of us, empowers us to persevere. And the suffering we overcome, as horrid as it is, spiritually, encompasses a teaching; it arrives with an underlying positive purpose. Consider my quote below:

God’s breath, a living force within, fuels resilience through soul-work.

According to resilience means, “The ability to recover quickly from illness, change, or misfortune; buoyancy.”

If you believe in a higher power, and the collective spirit of one, do you think it is possible to have this celestial existence within you, something that empowers during the most extraordinary circumstances?

I believe as we shift our consciousness towards the greater whole (outside of ourselves) and we come from an inner place of love (God), the miracle of resilience unfolds. This shift gifts empowerment through a renewed perspective.

Sometimes this isn’t a conscious decision although the hardship still offers a path to enlightenment. When you go through life-altering difficulties, most times, the experience tosses you around and erodes your harsh outer shell; eventually you are left feeling broken. But while you are in this broken state, you are genuine; the hardship has exhausted all pretenses and misgivings. This is a celestial alignment.

The release of this stuff (material things, expectations, relationships etc.), although perhaps not by choice, causes suffering but in the end, you are a stronger and better person because of it; you survived!

Afterwards, it is important to figure out the lesson. What did you learn from the trauma? Without self-analysis and time for reflection, you risk encountering another bout with a similar hardship.

Realize your lessons and give credit to your strength, your human resilience. Regardless of your faith, figure out where this “ability to recover” comes from and make sure to honor it.

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