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‘God of War Ascension’ has deep, emotional storyline, game length discussed

God of War Ascension
God of War Ascension

On Tuesday, Feb. 26, new information regarding upcoming PS3 exclusive, “God of War Ascension”, was provided by Aaron Kaufman of Sony Santa Monica.

When asked about the length of “God of War Ascension” in comparison the PlayStation 2 entries, Kaufman shared that “God of War Ascension’s” length will be comparable to those two games – “God of War” and “God of War 2” – and that the experience will feel gratifying from “end to end.”

His full statement reads:

Yes, the campaign length is similar. It will feel gratifying in length from end to end, at least we think.

Those who held concerns about the game’s length should feel better now.

In addition the length, Kaufman also shared new details on the game’s storyline. Described as the “deepest and most emotional” story yet, “God of War Ascension” tells the story of what happened to Kratos prior to him becoming the God of War.

The title is more varied than previous installments and allows for more story-telling than any previous “God of War” game. The development team is confident in the story and is excited for fans to see what happens with Kratos.

His full statement reads:

The story in Ascension is by far, the deepest and most emotional yet. It is far more varied in locations and story-telling than any previous God of War game (all which hit this bar in their own right). We feel very good about the story overall and are excited to for you to see what happened to Kratos before he became the God of War.

God of War Ascension” will release exclusively on PlayStation 3 on March 19.