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Glo Smith, black Republican, faces racism via whitewashed campaign sign

Glo Smith and her vandalized campaign poster
Glo Smith and her vandalized campaign poster
Twitter/ BlackRepublican and Twitter/ GloSmith

Glo Smith, an African-American Republican challenger for the House of Representatives, has been subjected to the unfortunate trend in which there are racist attacks on African-American Republicans. The Florida Republican candidate has had her campaign sign vandalized with white paint over her face. The incident occurred last week in her district. Her district is overwhelmingly comprised of Democratic voters via details of the area’s voter registration. According to the National Review publication on Monday, this vandalistic attack on Smith is the latest in a long line of incredibly racist attacks on African-American Republicans.

Beyond the whitewashed campaign sign, Smith – whose full name is Gloreatha Scurry-Smith - has said that many of her campaign signs have also been stolen. Last Tuesday, she was told of the racist defacement of her campaign sign. The costly signage to promote her candidacy for congress stands eight feet tall and four feet wide. The sign that was destroyed was placed in a very visible location for maximum exposure. The sign was on private property along Interstate 10 in Jacksonville, Florida. In the vandalism, it is apparent that the criminal vandalized the campaign property by spray painting white over Smith’s face. The work of the vandal was carefully calculated as the white only covered Smith’s skin in the photograph.

As for Smith’s political efforts, she is challenging Democratic Congresswoman Corinne Brown in Florida’s 5th Congressional District. Brown is a long-serving congressional figure who benefitted from the redistricting of her district in 2010. Brown reportedly defeated her 2012 Republican challenger handily by garnering more than 70 percent of the votes cast in her district. She has been in office for 21 years.

Besides Smith, another Republican is campaigning to replace Brown in the House. Thuy Lowe, a Republican, will face Smith in a primary contest in August. According to Smith’s camp, she is leading Lowe in the polls at this time. As of April, she has reportedly had eight times the campaign funding that her opponent in the primary has accumulated.

Both Smith and Lowe have spoken out against the whitewashing vandalism of Smith’s signs. Smith has said that it is expected that signs will be tampered with or stolen from time to time, but something like this is not expected. Lowe said he was shocked by the racist vandalism. He blatantly calls the incident bigoted, stating that she is being charged with having a white point of view though she’s black.

As stated, this is just the latest incident in a long line of attacks on black politicians who are Republicans. Three months ago, the Daily Caller did a piece on Ebony magazine editor. The issue there was that the magazine’s editor was accused of attacking black Republicans. Jamilah Lemieux, a senior editor at Ebony attacked the Republican National Committee's Deputy Press Secretary Raffi Williams as a white dude who was telling her how to do this black thing - via a debate on Twitter. Of note, Williams is the son of Fox News’ African-American commentator Juan Williams, and therefore Raffi Williams is not white at all.

When Lemieux learned Williams wasn’t white, she apologized for the error but continued to bash him by saying that she cares nothing about what he had to say. After learning that Williams is black and not a 'white dude,' she made reference to him and his conservatism being like roaches. Even though Lemieux was wrong to assume race in her debate with Williams, she simply told Twitter commentors - who lunged at her regarding her racism - to just “go away.”

These incidents are coming common in the political arena in 2014 where blacks are not being allowed to be Republicans or conservatives without facing bigotry. Dr. Ben Carson, Allen West, Condleezza Rice, Michael Steele, Clarence Thomas, Alveda King, Tim Scott, and Herman Cain are among contemporary black conservatives who proudly call themselves Republicans. The number of outspoken black conservatives has grown greatly in recent years.

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