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Glenn Beck endorses "religious liberty" of Arizona anti-gay law

On February 25th, 2014, Glenn Beck voiced his support for the proposed Arizona legislation intended would allow business to discriminate against gay customers, but which could also possibly allow discrimination based on religion, ethnicity, gender or marital status as well.

Glenn Beck
Photo by Rob Kim/Getty Images

Which is surprising, given Beck's reaction to being "treated as a criminal" when he traveled to New York City in 2012:

I'm tired of being treated as a criminal, a disease, mentally challenged, stupid, or subhuman just because I happen to believe that the founders weren't racists, that the Constitution was and still is inspired and the greatest document for government ever created, that the military is not full of a bunch of baby‑killers, or that we shouldn't spend the money that we don't have, or that we should stick up for the little guy, the small business owner, that the corrupt businessman should go to jail and that capitalism is still the best system to lift people out of poverty.

I will not shy away from saying proudly that I believe in God, that I believe churchgoers in all churches get a bad rap. We are good people and the reason, Christians are the reason the Nazis were stopped, slavery was stopped, and man was eventually set free all over the planet. It was Christians that did it.

I'm sorry that you might find that offensive, or that I ‑‑ that I go to church and you find that offensive, or that I happen to go to the wrong church and you find that offensive. But I will not apologize for what I believe in or who I am. Because what I believe in compels me to stand up for you and your right to be who you are. I’d just like to be treated with a little dignity along the way.

Fast forward to the present, where Beck now freely endorses the "religious liberty" of discrimination.

"I don't like that world," said Beck, "where everybody is able to say 'I'm not going to serve your kind' but that's freedom. That's freedom. Freedom is ugly."

It was also being exercised when the people of New York told Glenn Beck where they thought he could stick his conspiracy theories.

Freedom of speech, and equality in general, are not rights exclusive to in-name-only Christians, and that fact will not change no matter how many times they beg to differ.

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